So here's what's wrong.

I'm going to a school I have absolutely no interest in attending.
I'm not going back to my school, the one I handpicked because it matched me.
All my friends are leaving town, going 204 miles away.
I am romantically alone and am starting to accept the fact that things will probably remain that way, simply because I have too many negatives and not enough positives.
I can't stand my job and my managers are, legitimately, mean to me.
I feel like everything I do/say is wrong.

Is that a solid enough list? Because I feel it's pretty damn overwhelming.


it's all in a name

Sometimes your favorite characters are named something really odd. Something like Albus, Holden, Mercutio. Sometimes your favorite characters are named something really simple and familiar, like Henry, Peter or Harry.

It's easy to name your character something familiar. But there you run the danger of making them forgettable. Will they live up to their name? Is this just some plain old Harry or is this Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived? Is it Peter from down the block, that one kid, or is it Peter Pan?

It's also easy to name your characters something not unlike the haphazard results of a dropped Scrabble set. Ghjk. There you go. It's Polish. But even still, the name must be something. Mercutio, that sad, lonely, fierce dreamer. Albus Percival Wolferic Bryan Dumbledore, our mentor for the ages. Mercutio would be nothing without his soliloquy on Queen Mab that brings every reader to their knees.

Are my character names memorable enough? Will they withstand the tests of time?

I will never know unless I give them something to be remembered for.