maybe i should bench myself. that'd be easier.

I am creating a team. It's necessary for me to have in order to deal with the absolute shit storm that my life is and is about to become.
I thought I had my small, cozy, close-knit team at the start, being just two people and myself. But I had to bench (but never trade!) one of those people, and make the other second string.
Then I added a player, and I feel good about that choice.
The problem is, though, that people outside my team are not supposed to know what's wrong for a litany of reasons, and we all know that the more people you tell, the more people exponentially will know. I trust these people, but it's a testable fact.
There are two people I'm considering adding to my team. Actually, I suppose I sort of half-way added one to my team. I guess he's the bat boy as of now. I would possibly make him second string.

It's all a matter of dependability. Who can I trust to be there for me? Who will tell me they love me? It's important to have the right team.